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All About Anna

The Full Story....

Anna D'Anae is a full time entrepreneur. Growing up she had a love for all things performing arts. Not only was she into dancing, modeling, acting and singing starting at the age of 2, but by the time she was 7 she was playing the violin, flute and piano. Anna attended a performing arts middle school and after graduating she attended a performing arts high school as a dance major. During this time, she was introduced to the world of pageants. After winning the first pageant she participated in, she started to venture into the modeling industry. She was the youngest model blazing the stages of NYFW, BKFW, JCFW and more and everyone wanted to see more of her presence! This opened acting opportunities where she played in You're A Good Man Charlie Brown live music, Chris Rock's Top 5, Mysteries of Laura and more. These gigs were taking up her nights while she was a student athlete by day. Anna was able to obtain 3 high school records in Track and Field which she still currently holds. This catapulted her into earning a scholarship to the University of New Haven. Here is where the world truly opened for Anna. Here is where Anna experimenting with girl groups and duets and produced her first single "Naughty Girl" with Dym Luv. While she expanded with her music career, she was introduced to the world of Network Marketing. This was the start of her entrepreneurial journey. Being the first person to achieve residual income in her family, after being fired from her job in 2018 she never worked a traditional job.


Because of this freedom, she was able to release her first EP featuring radio hits, More For You and LBM. Anna D'Anae was able to have her debut concert at Mist Harlem NYC while having the legendary Paul Anthony from Full Force introduce her. Anna's supporters, also known as LoveBugGang, enjoyed journeying with Anna especially keeping up with her on all her exciting YouTube videos. She was able to travel the world and meet new people and make a lot of income but she wanted more. In 2020 Anna fully gave her life to Christ. She started a serious Christian journey and she believed God gave her the idea of Virtue. While expanding on that idea, she started to give back more and found a new outlook on life. In addition to finding that she also found her place in Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated, carrying out the legacy of her mother. All seemed to be going well until COVID 19 attacked the world. This is when she knew she was destined for more. Anna partnered with some amazing people to create the lifestyle brand WE. Out & About and within a year incurred over 100K in sales while also helping people to travel the world at the best prices guaranteed. In addition, she started an Airbnb business and a media business. Anna has completely transformed her life while still being able to do all the things she enjoys and she invites you all on this ride with her. Hopefully you've been inspired and there's something here that will assist you in reaching your life goals.

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